Services for the wind energy industry

The Wind Consultancy Service is pleased to offer the following services based on over thirty years of industry experience:

  • Preliminary site assessment using a GIS-based approach, publicly-available data are mapped onto your site to determine likely constraints to development and other issues. Consultations with technical stakeholders such as EMI link operators and aviation bodies can also be undertaken.  
  • Anemometer mast location and specification  to a standard which is likely to satisfy bank’s engineers and to result in a lower uncertainty when the data are analysed.
  • Data collection and analysis  to keep the project on time and to understand likely returns on your investment.
  • Layout design and evaluation using industry-standard tools, including windPRO and WAsP to quantify the effects and benefits of your project.
  • Turbine selection  keeping the options open for cost-effective procurement.
  • Desktop noise studies - desk-based analysis of predicted noise levels compared with regulatory limits.
  • Shadow Flicker analysis - as a report or EIA chapter complete with diagrams.
  • Wireframe and Photomontage creation - you supply the photos and/or viewpoint locations, and I'll provide rendered images for your application. Photography can also be arranged to the required standards (e.g. SNH).
  • Energy assessments - preliminary energy assessments where no site measurements have been made as well as more detailed analysis of measured data. "Bankable" wind reports may be offered in association with EMD International A/S or you can get a second opinion on a less detailed report from a third party.
  • Proof of evidence - proof of evidence for any of the services listed above can be provided for public inquiries.

These services are equally applicable to large projects and single turbines, including those being developed under the Feed-in-Tariff in the UK.