Latest Version

windPRO v3.5 (Build 556) has been released and is therefore the current version that users should have running. The release headlines are:

The current version is available directly in windPRO through the 'Check for updates' menu or for download at our webpage:

windPRO Courses

Formal three-day windPRO courses are available around the world throughout the year, including in the UK. Ideal for beginners and those with some experience of windPRO, the course will cover most modules in the package including:

Licences for windPRO and WAsP can be provided, along with all course-related material (both hard copy and electronic). Delegates are invited to a course dinner on the first night. Attendance certificates are available if required for professional development. 

In addition, bespoke courses can be arranged either at your premises or here (or any convenient location) and can be designed to cover the specific set of modules you use.

For more details go to or contact me directly. I look forward to seeing you there! ,